Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis is a freelance columnist and fiction writer with works in dozens of journals such as Hobart Pulp, Jersey Devil Press, Sky Island Journal, Maudlin House, Star 82 Review. When he is not telling stories, he writes a monthly column for Lustery POV and is the managing editor of Sexography.

newsletter: The Pigeon Post
twitter: @_davis_benjamin


Locker Room Talk [Lustery POV]
Conversations with Russians [Russia Beyond]
What Happened When Frank Died [Talk Vomit]


Flash-365 [with Nikita Klimov]
The Uninvited Guests [with Nastia L.]
The Babushka Society [with S.I.R. podcast]
The Fox & The Bear [with Stephanie Stickel]
What Happened When Frank Died [with Lady Prozac]


The King of FU (poetry)[Nada Blank Press]

short fiction

Teacup [Five on the Fifth]
Three stories [Misery Tourism]
Inside the Last Cinnamon Raising Bagel [Jersey Devil Press]
Houses of Straw [Better than Starbucks]
Expatriating Down a Rabbit Hole [Bending Genres]
The Uninvited Guests [Slippery Elm Press (*Finalist: Deanna Tulley Multimedia Contest)]
The Most Beautiful Woman in the World [Cease, Cows]
Kids These Days in [Defenestration]
Oonglefubblejimp [Lotus-eater Magazine (Issue 12)]
Slow Motion Man [Digging Press]
Nobody Can Figure Out Why John Fed Himself to a Bear [Back Patio Press]
Mr. Sandman [(P. 67) in Three Drops from a Cauldron #27]
The Domovoi [(P. 24) in Three Drops from a Cauldron: #28]
My Father the 600 LB Man Wants to Be Called Bruce Now [Talk Vomit]
Are Cats the Dominant Life Form on Earth? [Slackjaw]


What Happened Outside the 2nd Story Window of Mokhovaya Ulitsa 32 [Scrawl Place] (Upcoming)
Huggerlovers [Sky Island Journal (Issue 19)]
Crying at the Russian Ballet [Hobart Pulp]
Forty Cents Worth of a Story [Star 82 Review]
How to Wave at Strangers in Cars [5×5]
The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen [Flash-365]
Coping with Unemployment while My Grandmother Is Dying [Eunoia Review]


Three Poems That Have Something (Or Nothing) To Do With Love [(upcoming) Maudlin House]
Three Poems Sponsored by my Seasonal Depression [Maudlin House]
Lost in Isolation [Star 82 Review]
Three Prose Poems That Might Be About Cats [Maudlin House]
Four Prose Poems [SOFTBLOW]
Two Poems [Eunoia Review]
Basement Blues [Rat’s Ass Review (Winter 2020)]
ORGASM [Muskeg]
The Playlist at My Mother’s Funeral [(Audio) in If It’s Not 1 Thing Its Your Mother]


Slippery Elm Press Literary Journal (Deanna Tulley Multimedia Prize) – Finalist [2020]
The Gateway Review (Annual Flash Fiction Contest) – Semi-finalist [2020]
The Cupboard (Annual Chapbook Contest) – Honorable Mention [2019]
Readers’ Favorite Book Awards (The King of FU)- Silver Medal Winner (Young Adult, Coming of Age) [2019]
New England Book Festival (The King of FU) – Runner-up [2019]


Contemplating My Bisexuality While Gettin’ Swole (Human Parts)
That Time I Got Illegal Russian Butt Surgery (Human Parts)
The Massage That Made Me Betray My Country (Human Parts)
The Art of Staying Sober (Human Parts)
The Art of Failing to Quit Smoking (Human Parts)
That Time I Got My Eyeballs Lasered in South Korea (Human Parts)
Yoga For Clumsy Idiots (Human Parts)
‘I’d Rather Be Here”: And Expat Perspective from South Korea (Elemental)
Exploring My Prostate One Eggplant at a Time (Sexography)
Life Feels Safe in South Korea Right Now (Elemental)
Everything I Know About Love I Learned in Elementary School
(Elephant Journal)